What is the advantage of a premium member account?

When you purchase a premium package as a member, you immediately become a premium member. As a premium member you have exclusive access to all extra options, including sending personal messages, photos and viewing private photos of members.

As a premium member you also show other members that you are serious. It has been shown that by setting this threshold, namely upgrading to a premium member, we keep most fakers out of the chats.

What are the costs of sending a message?

For every message that you send yourself, 10 so-called credits are deducted from your credit bundle. With credits you can send messages, among other things.

When you use sending SMS messages, your mobile provider will also charge you the usual costs for sending an SMS. These costs vary per telecom provider. For the current rates we advise you to contact your own telecom provider.

Are my payments private?

Yes. Your privacy The name of the website is NEVER stated on a payment statement from, for example, your bank, credit card company or PayPal account. Only the name “D Support” and a neutral payment reference will be shown on your payment statements.

Why can’t I pay with my credit card?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a simple answer to that. We have listed the most common problems for you:

1. Check the credit card details that you have entered again. It often happens that the long credit card number is entered incorrectly. An incorrect number causes the credit card company to reject your payment.

2. Check if your credit card has not expired. If this is the case then a payment is not possible. In that case, contact your bank or credit card company.

3. Check if your credit card limit has not been reached. If this is achieved then a payment is not possible at that time. In that case you have to wait a moment for the payment to fall within your limit.

4. When you make a payment abroad (a so-called cross-border payment), it can sometimes be blocked by the credit card company. In that case, please contact your bank or credit card company to make foreign payments possible.

5. Some credit cards have a limit for the maximum amount that can be included in one or more transactions. It is possible that if you make several payments within a few hours, the last payment will not go through.

I have paid but where are my credits?

With some payment methods we do not immediately receive a payment confirmation from, for example, your bank. As soon as we have received an official payment confirmation, we will immediately increase your credit balance.

Usually it only takes a few minutes before we receive a payment confirmation, but sometimes payments made on normal working days can take a few hours to one day. Some payments made during the weekend are only processed on Monday morning. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about that.

Consider paying next time with iDeal (the Netherlands) or BanContact (Belgium). That is the fastest, also at the weekend.

Who is D Support?

D Support is a company that focuses purely on providing customer service to the final consumer. D Support is a third party and is not involved in the direct operation of each individual website. Our client is the manager and commercial operator of one or more chat sites.

Are you a user of one of our clients’ chat services? Welcome! We are happy to help you on behalf of our client.